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By Hans-Jürgen Richter, Graduate Interpreter

For the Berlin courts and notaries public

Generally sworn interpreter and authorised translator

For the English - Swedish - Bulgarian languages.

I carry out for you all translation jobs - even short term!

competent - correct - quick - discreet

Translating is not just translating!

As in most areas of private and professional life you will find that there are huge differences   in translation quality. Mistakes in a translation that an interpreter can correct in personal   conversation can lead to negative consequences, e.g. in scientific texts, operating manuals,   contracts, and research results. That is why; it is important to find the right translator for every   piece of work. After many years of own experience in translating I have built up a network of   skilled professional interpreters and translators. If you are looking for a professional     translator or interpreter then this is the right place to find one!